Caridad Pineiro – One Summer Night

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Maggie Sinclair has tried everything to save her family’s business. Her options are dwindling, and she needs someone who can turn things around—fast. Problem is, the only person who can help her is trouble with a capital T. The Sinclair and Pierce families have been feuding for nearly 30 years, but that hasn’t stopped Jax Pierce from noticing Maggie. And he likes what he sees—a lot. But getting involved would mean risking his family, his inheritance, and above all, his heart. Can Maggie and Jax keep their simmering attraction at bay—or will mixing business and pleasure bring nothing but heartache?




With keen interest, Owen Pierce took note of the three women as they hurried away from the dais and into the Sinclair mansion.
       “Put your eyes back in your head, Bro. She’s nothing but trouble,” Jon warned in low tones.
       Owen bit back the retort that if anyone knew about trouble, it was his brother. Jonathan had always marched to a different drummer and had set out on his own as a teenager to explore what he wanted out of life. Now a successful entrepreneur, he had captured the media’s attention with his innovative designs and daring adventures. That left Owen to shoulder most of the burden of the family’s real estate business, as well as deal with his father’s anger over Jonathan’s latest newsworthy escapade.
       He envied his brother’s carefree spirit and determination, especially as Maggie Sinclair marched back onto the patio with her friends, an angry bride, and an obviously inebriated groom. Both the bride and groom looked far from happy as they approached the elaborate multi-tiered wedding cake that had been wheeled out to the middle of the makeshift dance floor.
       He worried the bride might plunge the long knife she held into her new husband, but luckily for the newlyweds, Maggie directed the blade toward the cake.
       Jon playfully elbowed him. “Seriously, Owen. She’s not for you. Father declared the Sinclairs off-limits ages ago. He would have a stroke if he thought the two of you were involved.”
       Involved with Maggie Sinclair, Owen thought and sighed with regret.
       In a way, he’d been involved with her forever. He’d like to chalk it all up to a sloppy, hurried, and stolen kiss at eighteen and the allure of forbidden fruit. But since that kiss, he’d watched her mature into a smart, beautiful woman. One who was willing to work hard for the town and business she cared about as well as friends and family. With every encounter, he’d grown more intrigued with the person Maggie had become.
       But his father had come down hard on them about mingling with the Sinclairs right after Maggie’s mother’s death. For years, they’d been unable to come to their Sea Kiss home, and even when they’d returned, they’d done so without their father, who refused to be so close to the family he thought had wronged him.
       Not that Owen expected that Jon would kowtow to such rules, since his brother was the kind of man who didn’t hesitate to take what he wanted.
       He arched a brow and met his brother’s blue-eyed gaze, which glittered with a mix of undisguised challenge and amusement. “Do you think you’re the only one entitled to a little adventure in your life?” he said.
       Jon chuckled. “My kind of adventure is way safer than what you may be considering.”
       “Why’s that, Li’l Bro?” he asked, appreciating the sight of Maggie in a dusty-rose gown that hugged dangerous curves. Her chestnut-brown hair fell to her shoulders in soft waves and framed ice-blue eyes and a sassy, sexy face that snared his attention every time he saw her.
       Jonathan took a last sip of his champagne and barely stifled another laugh. With a shake of his head, he replied, “Because all I risk is an occasional broken bone, but that…” He jerked his head in Maggie’s direction as she stepped back beside Connie and Emma. “That will break your heart.”

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Caridad Bio:

Caridad Pineiro is a transplanted Long Island girl who has fallen in love with pork roll and the Jersey Shore, but still can’t get the hang of tomato pies. When Caridad isn’t taking long strolls along the boardwalk to maintain her sanity and burn off that pork roll, she’s also a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author with over a million books sold worldwide. Caridad is passionate about writing and helping others explore and develop their skills as writers. She is a founding member of the Liberty States Fiction Writers and has presented workshops at the RT Book Club Convention, Romance Writers of America National Conference as well as various writing organizations throughout the country. You can connect with Caridad at You can also find Caridad on:

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Welcome to Havenport

WTHavenport FINALThis past year has brought about a new direction for the Timeless anthologies. We enjoyed writing the short stories but during the course of the collaboration, we created Havenport. It’s a lovely place nestled along the New England coast and home to townspeople that we know you’ll love.

Welcome to Havenport takes place during the Fourth of July week-long festivities and the reopening of the local bookstore.

It tells the tales of romance, women’s fiction, and bit of mystery. A place where old meets new, dreams become reality, and there’s always something good to eat.

Excerpt from New Beginnings


Release Day – Timeless Escapes: A Collection of Summer Stories

The e-book version of Timeless Escapes is available at Amazon Barnes and Noble and Kobo for a new release price of .99 for a limited time.


Lita Harris – Chasing Fireflies

Today I’m visiting Isabel Roman’s blog. Stop by to read my interview and place your entries for the giveaway, which include books from me, Ruth A. Casie, Emma Kaye, Nicole S. Patrick, and Julie Rowe.

Julie Rowe – A Pirate’s Vacation

Read an interview at with co-author, Julie Rowe at  Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews as we approach the release date of Timeless Escapes: A Collection of Summer Stories. 

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Emma Kaye – In Her Dreams

Timeless Escapes: A Collection of Summer Stories will be released May 29th. Emma Kaye is the first co-author to tell us a little bit about herself at Long an Short Reviews. Stop by and visit.

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Goodreads Giveaway


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Coming May 29, 2014


Escape to the Virgin Islands where the bonds of marriage are renewed, friends become lovers, and new love is given a chance to thrive.

Ruth A. Casie ~ Second Chance by the Sea

Married for ten years, a couple at odds find their marriage was never registered. Will an impending disaster be the final straw that breaks them up or will it rekindle their love and send them back to the altar for a second chance?

Lita Harris ~ Chasing Fireflies

Soured on love by a recent breakup, a travel agent with a fear of flying and open water takes a trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands. She meets a boat captain who challenges her fears. Will she survive her breakup and find happiness in the arms of another man?

Emma Kaye ~ In Her Dreams

When an author escapes to the Virgin Islands to work on her latest book, she’s swept back in time to Regency England and must decide whether the love she finds with an English lord is real or only in her dreams.

Nicole S. Patrick ~ Poseidon’s Strength

A beloved hero’s death leads his sister and his best friend, who have never seen eye-to-eye, to discover that helping family can be their happy medium, and possibly lead them to uncover a love that’s meant to be.

Julie Rowe ~ A Pirate’s Vacation

A doctor grieving the death of her husband, buys a B&B in the Virgin Islands in need of a lot of fixing. Her old flame arrives to help with repairs, but will she let him heal her shattered heart?


Release Week

The magic of Christmas is in the memories we hold dear and those precious treasures that remind us of the past. Join us as our Timeless Keepsakes take us on five remarkable journeys that heal old wounds, remind us of days gone by, play matchmaker, sweep us back in time and prove that love can conquer all. 

Mistletoe and Magick ~ RuTimelessKeepsakesFinalCoverth A. Casie She would give her last breath for him. He would give up everything to guard her well and love her more.

Christmas Spirits ~ Lita Harris  A widow’s everlasting love is renewed by the memories of the holiday season.

Granting Her Wish ~ Emma Kaye  She doesn’t belong in his time and he doesn’t belong back home. Could they belong to each other?

Letter From St. Nick ~ Nicole S. Patrick  She’s trying to save her home and he’s never had one until now. Can an unexpected gift lead their hearts to the same place?

Secret Santa ~ Julie Rowe  A nurse grieving the death of her twin brother receives an unusual gift at the staff Secret Santa party: the bullet that killed him along with a message of hope and love.

Available on Amazon and Nook

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Book Store

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven: (Or, How I Made Peace with the Paranormal and Stigmatized Zealots and Cynics in the Process)A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven: by Corey Taylor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I will say it, I love this book. I am not a Slipknot or Stone Sour fan because I never listened to their music to know if I would be. I discovered Corey Taylor (amazing vocals on Can to Can’t) through the Sound City project and as research does, I stumbled upon the fact that he is a writer. Anything about ghosts will catch my interest so I sought out the book and read it in one day. I haven’t done that since reading Mötley Crue’s bio.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven is not for the small of mind. Corey clearly states his beliefs in the paranormal supported by his personal experiences, some with witnesses. This is not a platform simply to prove he is right. The book, while entertaining the reader with his wit and fantastic stories, poses questions to make the reader think. Maybe I embraced the book because he brought out so many discussions that I have had myself and have come to the same conclusions.

If you have an open mind and make it through the book, you’ll have a whole lot of questions to ponder when you finish reading it. That’s a good thing. This books sets out to start a conversation and if it does, it has achieved it’s goal. You might also find out why your lights flicker.

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Wonderful Tonight

Wonderful Tonight: An AutobiographyWonderful Tonight: An Autobiography by Pattie Boyd

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. The first chapter did not catch my interest but I wanted to know more about this person, mainly because of the time period the story covered, so I pushed on and I am glad I did. Here is a woman who had it all, money, status, not one but two iconic husbands, musical royalty frequented her dinner table, she had three songs written about her that have become classics, yet my heart broke for Pattie Boyd as I turned each page. I could feel the love she had for the men in her life. I cried as she did when she relived betrayals of both spouses. Reading this confirmed something I always believed, it does not matter how much money you have in the bank, what kind of car you drive, or how big your house is; if love is not true the rest is empty.

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